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I started my advertising career as a Copywriter. Then code and the Internet arrived. While words and images are great storytelling tools, I'm ever curious about how stories can evolve within the complexity of our modern marketplace. As a Creative Director and as a teacher, I encourage teams to seek, nurture and cherish ideas—wherever and however they come to life. I’m currently Director, Content and Production for Land O’Lakes, Inc. working across all four business units and the enterprise.

I've gathered 25 years experience leading large teams through every facet of branding, marketing and production. I've developed strategy and overseen creative teams for brands including PwC, Thrivent, Volkswagen, Harley-Davidson, Goodyear, Porsche, Anheuser-Busch, 3M, Sears, Hormel Foods and MetLife. I've launched three start-ups, lead the 1,400-member Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association for four years and have maintained a blog about the business of ideas since 2006.

Still curious? Kurt Schmidt interviewed me about "Where do great ideas come from?" for his March 2018 podcast episode.

Or you should chat with my chatbot. Text "hello" to: 612-255-8350